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01 About me..

My name is Lluis Gratacos, a Spanish Freelance Flame Artist and AfterEffects op, living in London.

I have been working in the Audiovisual sector since 1992 and I have 20 years experience as a Flame Artist to date.

I have a background working in different post production houses from MCR to Flame Artist in Barcelona.

In 2010 I became a freelance worker as a Flame Artist with projects in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, London and Lima (Perú) doing mostly advertising, cinema and you different motion graphics projects with After Effects.

Between 2015 and 2021, I was employed full time as a Versioning Flame Artist  and AfterEffects Operator for Smoke & Mirrors (Tag Collective Arts) in London.


I am now looking for new opportunities and to taking on new projects

Work Experience

2021-2015 – Full time Flame Artist, SMOKE & MIRRORS (TAG COLLECTIVE ARTS), London.

2015 – Freelance Smoke Artist , MAKACO, Lima.

2014 – Freelance Smoke Artist, MBM ENEFECTO3.0, Barcelona

2014 – Freelance Smoke Artist, LASTCRIT, Barcelona

2014-2010 – Freelance Flame / Smoke Artist, CUSTOM EFFECTS, Barcelona – Madrid

2014-2011 – Freelance Flame Artist, EL RANCHITO, Barcelona – Madrid

2014-2011 – Freelance Flame Artist, DELUXE LABORATORIES, Barcelona

2014 – Freelance Flame Artist, MERLIN POS-PRODUCAO, Lisbon

2013-2011 – Freelance Flame Artist , GLASSWORKS BARCELONA, Barcelona

2013- Freelance Flame Artist, IMASBLUE, Barcelona

2013- Freelance Smoke Artist, FAKE STUDIO, Barcelona

2013-2010 – Freelance Flame Artist, METROPOLITANA 25, Barcelona

2012 – Freelance Flame Artist, APUNTOLAPOSPO, Barcelona

2012 – Freelance Smoke Artist, TRIZZ, Barcelona

2011 – Freelance Flame Artist, FURIA DIGITAL, Barcelona

2011 – Freelance Flame Artist, MUNKY, London

2010 – Freelance Flame Artist, BIKINI PÓS-PRODUCAO DE FILMES, Lisbon

2010 – Freelance Smoke Artist, ANDROMINES, Barcelona

2009 - 2006 – Flame Artist TV FLASH, Barcelona

2006-2005 – Person in charge of the Video Department and Senior Flame Artist, CLASSIC & NEW, Barcelona

2005 - Freelance Flame Artist INFINIA, Barcelona

2005-2004 - Senior Flame Artist and film production assistant, VIDEO EFFECTO, Barcelona

2005-1999 - Edit-box Operator, Flame Artist and Postproduction coordinator, MONTAJE DE MOZART, Barcelona

1999 -1997 - Edit-box Operator, OFRAME, Barcelona

1997-1995 - MCR, Harry operator, Edit Box operator and Junior Flame, LA TRUKA, Barcelona

1994-1993 - MCR, ZOOM TELEVISION, Barcelona

1992 - VTR Operator during the Olympic Games, TVE, Barcelona

Professional Training

2008 – After Effects Course, EDITRAIN, Barcelona

2005 – Discreet Flame Training Course, AUTODESK, Madrid

1993 – Degree in Cinema Techniques, GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA, Barcelona

1992 – Degree in Image and Sound, CENTRE CALASSANÇ (nowadays ESCAC), Barcelona